TLVS1 Radio - The Las Vegas Station. I have not posted anything on here for a while because I have been busy with our sister-company and posting radio interviews. Let me know if you would like to be interviewed for an upcoming show or if you have an idea for a new radio program.

Surf Sank! Surf The Musical at Planet Hollywood came and went. If you didn’t see it, it was a brand new musical based on the music of the Beach Boys. I was really excited after the producers had invited the media to a special pre-show technical rehearsal where we heard from the director and choreographer about the concept of the show and previewed four of the numbers and costumes which were going to be in the show. Then, we were once again invited back to press night after the show had been opened for a week. I am still puzzled as to why a producer would invest millions of dollars for the rights to the Beach Boy’s music, writing a new show, all the billboards and taxi advertising around town, many months of rehearsal costs, theater rental, cast salaries and much more$ – and not budget enough to keep the show open for more than a month. Albeit, there were many issues with the show – but those could have been fixed. The music, live band, costumes and storyline were great, but the lighting onstage was a mess. It also lacked some sense of ‘pizzazz’ – but that’s what happens when you hire a no-name director and choreographer from New York and have them in charge of a new Las Vegas show! I think that there was a little too much ego from the producers as well – paying extra to see a show and a meet /greet with the producers? Who gives a crap about them? I feel sorry for all the cast and musicians who are now out of jobs because of promises made by a production team with money - but no sense of what it takes to launch a project like this – especially here in Las Vegas.

Wes Winters Coming To Summerlin! Las Vegas’ favorite piano man and lounge entertainer will be adding another night per week to his performance schedule. As you may know, Wes has been at the South Point Casino for 18 months playing every Friday and Saturday night from 6pm – 9pm. Now all his Summerlin fans can catch him at the Rampart Casino inside Addison’s Lounge every Tuesday night from 6pm – 9pm starting October 2nd.

Kenny Kerr – The original Queen of the Strip is back in Las Vegas. Kenny had shows in August and September at the Onyx Theater. Kenny will be back with his live vocal singing and quick comic-wit at the Onyx on Friday and Saturday October 5 & 6 at 10pm. Tickets are $20 and additional information is at

iCandy Burlesque – Press night for iCandy Burlesque which is the new late night show (10:30pm) at the Saxe Theater inside the Miracle Mile Shops behind Planet Hollywood, was very disappointing. First off, David Saxe does not have a cabaret license for this showroom, so no topless burlesque action will be seen. The management staff at the theater was rude and herded everyone around like cattle because of the poor logistics at that venue. Vegas The Show lets out (late) and then they try to get the iCandy audience up the same stairway as the other show is coming down – it leads to a huge mess. iCandy didn’t start until 10:50. The show’s production or theater staff did not even comp a drink to the media – we had to pay full (expensive) price for our drinks prior to the show while we were waiting for its late start!Once we finally got seated and show started (and I had to change seats because my seat was soaking wet from someone in the previous show spilling something); I couldn’t believe the lack of burlesque I saw from a ‘burlesque’ show. Below is a list of my observations on the show, and this is coming from someone who has experience working on the production staff of a very true and successful burlesque show:

1. Three blond singers singing way too many ‘ballads’. You only need one (or two) powerful singers instead of three so-so singers.

2. The best parts of the show were comedian Kathleen Dunbar and specialty dancer Jen Romas – but those two talented performers were in our show! (Hmmmm, our two best performers and 3 songs from our show – can you say C O P Y? [Albeit a bad copy]).

3. The male dancer was great and added a good element and contrast to the female dancers.

4. You don’t need seven female dancers who are always onstage. Five great dancers would have been good – give them each some solo time to highlight their talents and then all come together for some production type numbers.

5. No traditional burlesque striptease with feather-fans, long gloves and feather-boa? Oh come on!!!

6. A true lack of any storyline and since they are trying to copy the movie – there wasn’t any older female mentor (Cher) type character either.

7. This show has some potential – but needs work! Word on the street is that many changes have been made since press night. Hey producers – if you want any more of my great ideas, get out your checkbook and hire me as a consultant.

8. And a note to the Saxe Theater staff an iCandy Producers – learn how to treat and respect the media when you invite us all to an event. Half-off drink coupons when we leave the show are very tacky and unprofessional! A comp drink coupon would have been nice when we checked in at the media table prior to the show and we don’t like to be herded like cattle! Can you say MOO?

All in all – a pretty unprofessional and disappointing night! If many changes have been made – maybe we need to be invited back for a second look?


LVCVA Host Committee – Former Mayor Oscar Goodman asked me to be a part of his new team at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. The Host Committee is made up of volunteer local business and media leaders to welcome convention staff and attendees to Las Vegas. I will keep you posted on the exciting new things that will be coming from the Convention Bureau.


Sin City Comedy Club – John Padon’s very funny and successful Sin City Comedy Club which was inside the V-Theater complex at the back of Miracle Mile Shops has a new home. The new venue currently under construction is inside Planet Hollywood Casino proper – upstairs next to Holly Madison’s Peepshow Theater. The new Sin City Theater will be opening in a couple weeks and we are all looking forward to it! Check out the construction pictures and progress on Sin City Comedy’s Facebook page. Wishing John and Kevin – continued success in your own showroom!!

Myth Busters at Palazzo. Jamie and Adam from the hit TV show Myth Busters recently did several shows at the Palazzo.I was invited to one of the shows and truly enjoyed it. It was a personal look into the workings of their TV show along with several audience participation ‘scientific skits’. I had heard that the Venetian/Palazzo staff were hoping for this to be a big success to fill many of the empty nights in that showroom, but by the lack of people in the seats the night that I was there, I don’t know if that will be happening. And I think that is a shame, because this show was perfect for the whole family – including kids! I would love to see this show become an ongoing show here in Las Vegas.