Posted July 10, 2020 

Casting Teams of Four for New Puzzle Game Show

TV Build Show Casting People in Los Angeles Wanting To Create A Backyard Pub

Casting Actor In Dallas For Social Media Videos

Improv Actress in Los Angeles for Live Event

Auditions in Springfield, Missouri for Promo Video

Casting Male Character for Music Video in Los Angeles Area / Topanga

Casting Call Nationwide for "Future Me" Docu-Series

Casting People With Really Bad Tattoos That Need To Be Covered Up in Los Angeles

TV Commercial Casting Call in Charleston, SC

Auditions for Performers in Sydney NSW, Australia for Theater In Education Tour

Now Casting Teen Bakers Ages 12 to 17 Nationwide

Nationwide Casting Call for People Who Made A Marriage Pact

Casting Call for Season 2 of Murder House Flip

Global Auditions for Universal Bejing & Universal Japan

Actors in Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley for Indie Film Project

Casting Call in Melbourne, Australia for Web Series "Adopted Troublemakers"

Casting Siblings in Singapore for TV Commercial

Reconnecting With Your First Love – Casting Call for Reality Dating Show

Open Casting Call for Jurassic Park Fan Film In Seattle, Washington Area

Auditions in London for Actors – Indie Film

Casting Call for Web Series in Melbourne, Victoria , Australia

Casting You Tube Channel MC in Tokyo, Japan

Actress in NYC for Acting Reel Scene

Casting Indie Film in France

Teen Singers in Chicago for Kpop Group

Casting Call for New NBC Game Show "Small Fortune" in Los Angeles / SoCal Area

Casting Contractors for Major Cable Network Home Renovation Reality Show

New TV Show Casting Real Estate Experts and Life Coaches


A little about GET A CLUE...Hosted by Rob Belushi, GET A CLUE is a fast-paced, high energy clue game in which two teams compete to see who can successfully guess the most answer words before time runs out. In each round, teams will receive a list of answer words they get to play. The fun starts as the first player gives clues to the second player until they guess the correct word, then the second player gives clues to the third player, and so on, until the team either guesses all the words in the category or runs out of time. The team with the most points advances to the bonus round to play for $10,000. They'll have 60 seconds to guess eight words but the entire team has to stay on their toes because the clue givers, and guessers, change randomly with every new word.

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