As the cauldrons were brewing, and with the twitch of a nose, a powerful spell was cast.  Witches and Warlocks from around the world hopped on their brooms and flew to Hollywood, California this past weekend.  What beckoned these to a Coven in Hollywood you ask?  Well, it was the 50th anniversary of the famous TV show Bewitched.  Yes, can you believe it - Samantha and Darrin Stephens have been around for 50 years.  This celebration brought together devoted fans from: Australia, Canada, Scotland, England, as well as from all across the USA.  The cult-like following of this iconic show is still going strong after 50 years.  This event would not have been the success it was, if not for the two years of devoted pre-planning from the Bewitched International Fan Club Co-chairs - Gary Bantock from Australia and Mark Simpson from Washington State.





I was invited to attend these festivities because my dear friend, Broadway and Hollywood actress Kit Smythe, was a co-star in episode #13 "Love Is Blind'.  Kit played Samantha's best friend Gertrude in that episode, where she ended up marrying Kermit, played by (Batman) Adam West.  Kit's character was able to steal the heart of Adam West's character, away from the beautiful Chis Noel's character, with the help of a little magic from Samantha.





Surprisingly, this 50th anniversary reunion was able to assemble most all of the remaining living stars and co-stars.  This was the first time that Kit and Chris saw each other since filming their first-season episode 50 years ago.  The camaraderie and banter between Kit and Chris were the hit of the festival – and yes they did ‘dish’ a few personal secrets on the other cast members.  I had the opportunity to meet two of my personal favorite characters - Bernard Fox who played the iconic Doctor Bombay and Erin Murphy who played Tabatha - Samantha and Darrin's daughter.





I have never attended a fanfare event like this in the past.  I was amazed at the level of the show’s knowledge from most of the attendees; there were people who knew every line from every character from all 8 years that the series ran!  It was so nice to see people gather together to celebrate the comedy from a TV show that has touched the lives and brought joy and laughter to so many people for 50 years.  Thank you to everyone for welcoming me into your Bewitched family!  Google ‘Bewitched Fanfare 2014’ to see many more pictures of the event.