September 2022



Most theaters have returned to normal operations again; however county mandates for mask requirements are still being decided as we go to press, so please check the current guidelines before you leave to attend any performances. Covid protocols also vary from venue to venue, so you may still have to show proof of vaccination, and/or wear a mask during the show, so please check with the theater before you attend an event to find out what their current policy is.


The information presented in this column is the latest available at the time of printing, however you should check with the theater to confirm it before making definite plans. Here are the shows that have announced opening dates for this month, or are already running at this time:





“Animal Farm” Revolt is afoot at Manor Farm, when downtrodden beasts of burden rise-up against the cruel Farmer Jones. But self-ruled animal utopia quickly gives way to the temptations of power and privilege in Peter Hall’s fast-moving musical adaptation of George Orwell’s savage satire. Written by George Orwell, adapted for the stage by Peter Hall, with music by Richard Peaslee, lyrics by Adrian Mitchell, and directed by Julia Rodriguez-Elliott, it runs September 3 through October 2 at the A Noise Within in Pasadena. For tickets call 626-353-3100 or visit


“Being Future Being” delves into the power of creation, building a visual, aural, and ancestral landscape of Indigenous power. By (re)building new visions of the forces that brought this world into being, the multilayered performance becomes a site for transformation, ushering into focus new futures with the potential to reshape the way we relate to ourselves, our environment, and to the human and more-than-human cohabitants of our world. Written and directed by Emily Johnson, it runs September 8 through September 10 at the Eli and Edythe Broad Stage in Santa Monica. For tickets call 310-434-3200 or visit


“Dragon Show: The Extended Tail” is a highly interactive immersive experience featuring handmade artwork and architecture, original songs, and an engaging cast of talented performers. Feel the burst of excitement and wonder you've been missing as the world you know melts away before your eyes -- revealing a breathtaking magical realm you never knew was there. Written by Katelyn Schiller and Nick Rheinwald Jones, with music by Weston Gaylord, and directed by Katelyn Schiller, it runs September 8 through October 2 at the (private residence) in Los Angeles. For tickets visit


“Ghosts” As widow Helene Alving tries to start her life anew after the death of her philandering husband, she must confront the ghosts of the past and the weight of her own secrets. She is determined that her son will not follow in his father’s footsteps, but when Oswald returns from France, she discovers that she may be too late. Written by Henrik Ibsen, adapted by Richard Eyre, and directed by Bart DeLorenzo, it runs September 8 through October 23 at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles. For tickets call 310-477-2055 Ext. 2 or visit


“Bearings” Richard Kalvar crossed a line. He did something he never thought he would do; and then something happened. It must have because things no longer make sense. Rich has lost his bearings. Can Detective Mike Salcedo help him piece together the weird, passionate, hilarious fragments of his shattered life and make sense of them again? Can Kalvar regain his bearings? Written and directed by Matt Chait, it runs September 9 through October 9 at the Flight Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets visit


“Bright Blue Sky” A heartfelt original musical that follows the personal accounts of an everyday group of people in the North Tower of the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001. Written and directed by Vincent Aniceto, with music by Tim Nelson, it runs September 9 through September 18 at the Rose Center Theater in Westminster. For tickets visit


“Nunsense” is a hilarious spoof about the misadventures of five nuns trying to manage a fundraiser. Sadly, the rest of the sisterhood died from botulism after eating vichyssoise prepared by Sister Julia Child of God. Thus, the remaining nuns - ballet-loving Sister Leo, streetwise Sister Robert Anne, befuddled Sister Mary Amnesia, the Mother Superior Sister Regina, and mistress of the novice Sister Mary Hubert, stage a talent show to raise the money to bury their dearly departed. With catchy songs and irreverent comedy, NUNSENSE is sure to keep audiences rolling with laughter. Written by Dan Goggin, with music by Dan Goggin, and directed by Alta Abbott, it runs September 9 through October 2 at the Theatre Palisades in Pacific Palisades. For tickets call 310-454-1970 or visit


“Silent Sky” When astronomer Henrietta Leavitt begins work at the Harvard Observatory in the early 1900s, she doesn’t begin by looking through a telescope. She joins a group of women “computers,” charting the stars as a vital part of the world’s first study of the sky done from photographs. As Henrietta, in her free time, attempts to measure the light and distance of stars, she also takes measure of her life on Earth, trying to balance her dedication to science with family obligations and the possibility of love. Based on the life of 19th-century astronomer Henrietta Leavitt, Silent Sky explores a woman’s place in society during a time of immense scientific discoveries. Written by Lauren Gunderson, and directed by Barbara Schofield, it runs September 9 through October 9 at the Sierra Madre Playhouse in Sierra Madre. For tickets call 626-355-4318 or visit


“Almost, Maine” Welcome to Almost, Maine, a place so far north, it’s barely in the United States. Where the residents are so disorganized, it’s not quite a town. On one cold clear winter’s night, as the Northern Lights float magically in a star-filled sky, the inhabitants of Almost find themselves falling in and out of love in unexpected and hilarious ways. In nine entwined stories, strangers become friends, friends become lovers and lovers become strangers. Knees are bruised. Hearts are broken. But the bruises heal, and the hearts mend – almost. Written by John Cariani, and directed by Stephanie A. Coltrin, it runs September 10 through September 25 at the Rubicon Theatre Company in Ventura. For tickets call 805-667-2900 or visit


“The Romantics” In this comic reversal of Romeo and Juliet, a mother and neighboring father concoct a fake family feud to make their son and daughter think they are ill-fated lovers and fall in love. Their scheme succeeds, but now how will the “feuding” parents find a way to reconcile so that the couple can wed? This wildly funny and entertaining comedy is filled with live music, sword fights and period costumes. The play is the basis for the 1960 musical The Fantasticks. Written by Edmond Rostand, and directed by Suzanne Hunt, it runs September 10 through September 25 at the Kings Road Park in West Hollywood. For tickets visit


“The Secret World of Archy & Mehitabel” Recounts the strangest collaboration in the history of literature: a partnership between a tiny six-legged creature whose ancestors walked with the dinosaurs, and an overworked, overwrought newspaper man in New York City. What could possibly come of it? Adapted for the stage by Dan Gilvezan from the beloved columns by New York Evening Sun journalist Don Marquis, the tales of Archy, a cockroach with the soul of a poet, and his best friend Mehitabel, the “toujours gai” alley cat, remain as charming, poignant, and relevant today as when they first delighted readers in 1916. Written by Don Marquis, adapted for the stage by Dan Gilvezan, and directed by Moosie Drier, it runs September 10 through October 15 at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks. For tickets call 818-687-8559 or visit


“Sanctuary City” is the provocative, unforgettable story of two life-long friends, their tenuous grip on living in America, and persevering through whatever comes their way with wit and grit. Profoundly human and undeniably universal, it begs the question: how much do we owe to one another? Written by Martyna Majok, and directed by Zi Alikhan, it runs September 14 through October 9 at the Pasadena Playhouse in Pasadena. For tickets call 626-356-7529 or visit


“The Secret Comedy of Women” Celebrates the joys of the journey from girlhood to womanhood. An immersive theatrical experience that rejoices in the challenges of being a woman — from boys to bras and pantyhose to menopause — this two-woman show explores the universal female experience through a rollicking spectacle of sweetly sharp comedy, songs, dances, stories, and spontaneous moments of discovery that all women share. Written by Barbara Gehring and Linda Klein, it runs September 14 through October 16 at the Huntington Beach Library Theatre in Huntington Beach. For tickets call 855-448-7469 or visit


“The Great Jheri Curl Debate” Veralynn Jackson knows hair, her neighborhood, and that the invention of the Jheri Curl marks the end of the world. When she takes a job in Mr. Kim’s Korean-owned Black beauty supply store and the posters start talking to her, Veralynn might finally come to know her true calling. South Side Chicago meets South Korea in this heartfelt play where a business partnership and a touch of magical realism bring these two unlikely friends closer to understanding themselves and each other. Written by Inda Craig-Galván, and directed by Scarlett Kim, it runs September 15 through October 9 at the David Henry Hwang Theater at the Union Center of the Arts in Los Angeles. For tickets call 213-625-7000 or visit


“Everybody” A funny, provocative, and very modern riff on a 15th-century morality play by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins. This is the story of us all, as we journey through life’s greatest mystery—the meaning of living. Representing the randomness of life and death, some of the cast are assigned roles by lottery during the show, creating a unique viewing experience each night. Written by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, and directed by Jennifer Chang, it runs September 16 through October 17 at the Kiki & David Gindler Performing Arts Center in Glendale. For tickets call 818-506-1983 or visit


“I Never Sang for my Father” is an American classic that exposes the painful truths of the relationship between a gentle mother, a dutiful son, an alienated daughter, and their harsh, detached father. Family dynamics unravel as they are forced to face the past in this beautifully crafted drama. Written by Robert Anderson, and directed by Doug Kaback, it runs September 16 through October 23 at the Two Roads Theatre in Studio City. For tickets visit


“Babe” A dark comedy by Jessica Goldberg about cultural evolution and the selves we thought we knew. Abby has been Gus's right hand in the world of A&R music since the ’90s. Together they signed big bands, loved, fought, and lived hard; it was the best kind of work marriage, at least that's how Abby sees it. Until Gen Z Kaitlin shows up, hell bent on showing these old rockers it’s 2022, and there’s a new generation hell bent on changing the world—evolve or die. Who goes down? Written by Jessica Goldberg, and directed by Chris Fields, it runs September 17 through October 24 at the Echo Theater Company @ Atwater Village Theatre in Atwater Village. For tickets call 310-307-3753 or visit


“Young Frankenstein” Legendary actress Sally Struthers (“All in The Family,” “Gilmore Girls”) stars as “Frau Blücher” in this electrifying musical stage adaptation of Mel Brooks’ brilliantly funny film that will leave you in stitches! Frederick Frankenstein, grandson of the infamous inventor Doctor Frankenstein, reluctantly inherits the family estate in Transylvania. With the help of a hunchbacked sidekick named Igor and lab assistant Inga, Frederick finds himself following in the mad-scientist tradition of his ancestor, creating a monster for this century. When the monster escapes, hilarity abounds. London reviewers called it “a love letter to American vaudeville” and “an evening of gloriously impure fun.” Please note: Contains mature humor, adult language, sexual innuendo, and situations. Written by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan, with music by Mel Brooks, and directed by Jeff Whiting, it runs September 17 through October 9 at the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts in La Mirada. For tickets call 562-944-9801 or visit


“A Clean Brush” tells the story of two house painters, Dick and Mello, who land a job painting a room in the basement of recently widowed Zoe Craig’s home. Zoe’s husband died in the room when he ‘accidentally’ fell into a stand of fireplace implements and suffered a severe head trauma, and now Zoe is looking to turn the room into a rental cash cow. The house painters think this is just another job until Zoe’s nosy neighbor stops by and plants doubt in the painter’s minds as to what really happened to the Widow Craig’s clumsy spouse. Complicating matters, Mello falls for the gorgeous Zoe. But are Mello and Dick being asked to cover up a murder? Written by Norm Foster, and directed by Howard Storm, it runs September 22 through October 23 at the Theatre 40, in the Reuben Cordova Theatre in Beverly Hills. For tickets call 310-364-0535 or visit


“Night Watch” is an ingeniously devised “Hitchcock type” noir thriller which builds steadily in menace and suspense until the final, breath-stopping moment. Unable to sleep, Elaine Wheeler paces the living room of her Manhattan townhouse, troubled by unsettling memories and vague fears. The mystery begins when Elaine observes one corpse, and then another in the abandoned building opposite her home. Although her friends, family and authorities may not believe her, Elaine insists that she saw what she saw, and continuous suspicions arise as she begins to drive herself and everyone around her to their emotional limits. But with only limited evidence on hand, will plans be made for Elaine to be sent to a sanitarium or will a supposed killer make themselves known? Written by Lucille Fletcher, and directed by Brandon Ferruccio, it runs September 23 through October 8 at the Westchester Playhouse in Westchester. For tickets call 310-645-5156 or visit


“Kim's Convenience” Set in a family-run Korean convenience store - is a hilarious and heartwarming ode to generations of immigrants. Mr. Kim is a first-generation Korean immigrant and the proud owner of Kim’s Convenience for the past 30 years. Now he’s trying desperately - and hilariously - to grapple with both a changing neighborhood landscape and the chasm between him and his second-generation offspring. Before KIM’S CONVENIENCE was a hit on Canadian TV and Netflix, it brought laughter to audiences through this warm and joyous stage play. Written by Ins Choi, and directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera, it runs September 25 through October 9 at the Laguna Playhouse in Laguna Beach. For tickets call 949-497-2787 or visit


“Desert Stories for Lost Girls” When 18-year-old Carrie moves in with her grandmother, she is thrown into a world of memory and mystery that unearths her family’s Genízaro identity — shining a light on a dark, bloody, and little-known period in the history of the American Southwest. Written by Lily Rushing, and directed by Sylvia Cervantes Blush, it runs September 30 through October 16 at the Los Angeles Theatre Center in Los Angeles. For tickets call 213-489-0994 or visit




Our local theme parks are operating at full capacity. Most require advance reservations online, as well as advance ticket, and possibly food, purchases. You will need an app in some to be able to take full advantage of all attractions and restaurants. Please check their websites for details, restrictions, and availability before planning a visit:


Disneyland Resort

Disney’s California Adventure


Knott’s Berry Farm

Legoland California


SeaWorld San Diego


Six Flags Magic Mountain


Universal Studios Hollywood





Some theaters still provide online offerings in addition to or in lieu of live performances, with many events you can experience on a virtual basis. A few of these online events are only available on a one-time basis, while others are ongoing and can be viewed on-demand anytime. Visit each of the web sites below to see what they are currently offering. You will find free content as well as pay-per-view to choose from. Here are the links to web sites with online offerings:


3-D Theatricals


“A Death-Defying Escape”


A Noise Within


“Annie and Frannie Go to a Funeral”


Antaeus Theatre




Boston Court Pasadena






Chalk Repertory Theatre


Coeurage Ensemble


East West Players


Echo Theater Company


El Portal Theatre


“Escape from Cottage Woods”




For the Record Live


Fountain Theatre


Garry Marshall Theatre


Hero Theatre


IAMA Theatre Company


International City Theatre


“John Cullum: An Accidental Star”


Kentwood Players


Laguna Playhouse


L.A. Chamber Orchestra


L.A. Theatre Works (fee & free)


Loft Ensemble


Long Beach Opera


“Lovers and Other Strangers”


Morgan-Wixson Theatre


Moving Arts


Odyssey Theatre


Pepperdine University


“Rainbow Girls Detective Agency”


Robey Theatre Company


Rogue Artists Ensemble


Rubicon Theatre


Sacred Fools


Santa Monica Playhouse


Segerstrom Center for the Arts


Shakespeare Center LA


Sierra Madre Playhouse


South Coast Repertory


The Actors Gang “We Live On”


The Blank Theatre (fee)

The Blank Theatre (free)


The Broad Stage


The Geffen Playhouse (fee)


The Latino Theatre Company


The Road Theatre Company


The Soraya


The Victory Theatre Center


The Wallis

The Wallis Studio Ensemble


Theatre 40


Theatre 68


Theatre West


“Trouble: A Calamity Adventure”




Our best wishes go out to all of our readers as always, and we want to wish everyone a Happy Father’s Day this month! We also want to send heartfelt thanks to our Public Relations representatives who supply us with this great information, and to our editors and publishers who continue to publish these columns. We hope this year will be a safe and healthy one for theatergoers, reviewers, and everyone everywhere.




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