Ken’s Korner November 2022


Tape Face:

Tape Face recently held his 1,043 performance at Harrah’s here in Las Vegas. Tape Face aka Sam Wills, is the mime comedian from New Zealand who came into worldwide notoriety when he placed in the Top 10 of Season 11, on America’s Got Talent. There were some discussions after his AGT performance that his appeal was a little too far out there for the majority to grasp; however, we think he is brilliant. I would classify him as a modern-day Groucho Marx or Three Stooges, blended with a French mime. His show here in Las Vegas opened in 2018 and he has been entertaining audiences to rave reviews ever since. His show is great for all ages, and the kids especially love it. There is considerable audience participation, so be ready to partake in one of his hilarious skits. Tape constantly adds new routines, but you will remember some of his most famous skits from AGT: oven mitts, horse race, and red dress. This is a must see Vegas show…so bring the entire family!


Bat Out of Hell:

Opening night for Bat Out of Hell, the new musical based on the songs of Meatloaf was an epic event. Spectacular is my opinion, but several of my colleagues didn’t like it. I will admit, there should be a few minor changes, but as usual, producers don’t seem to care for constructive feedback on how to make a show even better! The wonderful after-party was held under the Eiffel Tower!Las Vegas veteran performers in leading roles are Travis Cloer and Anne Martinez…all incredibly amazing! I had the pleasure to meet Meatloaf (Michael Lee Aday) a few years ago before he died. I’m sure he would be honored with the talented ensemble cast. The starring lead of the show is Canadian sensation Travis Cormier. If you love the music of Meatloaf, then you won’t want to miss this show at Paris Las Vegas! Check for show availability before your next trip to Las Vegas.



Fantasy at Luxor, the strips premier burlesque show, recently celebrated its 23rd anniversary and release of their 2023 calendar. Show creator and producer Anita Mann, continues to keep each year’s show fresh and classy. The current distraction in the show is comedy-magician Murray. However, my favorite part is emcee and singer Lorena Peril. Lorena’s vocals are superb and she has a natural ability to make the audience feel welcomed as she picks-on several people…be careful if you sit in the first couple rows! If you are in the mood for some ‘T and A’ from the strip’s most beautiful women, then make sure you see Fantasy!


Ronnie Lewis:

UNLV Library recently held a retrospective discussion on the life of noted Choreographer Ronnie Lewis. It was interesting and educational to hear from some of the strip’s old-timers who danced for Ronnie in several of the most noted shows which shaped Las Vegas’ entertainment history. Ronnie started in Las Vegas in the 1960’s and made his mark on shows such as: Vive Les Girls, Casino de Paris, Bare Touch of Vegas, Heat’s On, and Hot Shock; as well as being the noted choreographer for Liza Minnelli. The most interesting comment made at this event, was that the dancers of today aren’t capable of dancing the hard routines of the Lewis-Style! The old-timers commented on how today’s dancers are lazy and not willing to work as hard, compared to dancers from years-ago. They are right! The class and precision of the shows mentioned above cannot be found in any of today’s shows.