The Hunt by C. J. Ellisson

Copyright 2011

Review by Chuck Rounds


The Hunt by C. J. Ellisson is the second book in the Vampire Vacation series and the tales of the VV Inn. The erotic vampire/werewolf/human murder mystery thriller is another fun read. The story takes place right on the heels of the first book and takes this unusual cast of characters on another fight to the death with a rogue vampire.


There are enough twists, turns, and double-crosses to keep us guessing throughout the book and certainly propels the story forward at a much faster pace than in the first book. Ellisson seems to be hitting her stride much more with this book. There are a lot fewer sex scenes, but the ones that are included seem much more organic rather than gratuitous…and they are very well done.


In the first book, Ellisson told the story from the main character’s point of view. In this book, she changes the point of view in every chapter to a different character. The use of this device is very interesting—sometimes it works wonderfully, and sometimes it is awkward. It takes the reader a moment in every chapter to make the jump to the different perspective.There are some chapters that feel as if the author regretted locking herself into this format and got through some chapters quicker than others just in order to jump somewhere else.


The book is very enjoyable overall. The story moved along very well. The plot, the characters, and the setting are good and interesting. I enjoyed the various plot devices that kept the reader guessing.


I’m looking forward to book three.