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Fall 2012




This Halloween season will be the spookiest and scariest ever in our area theme parks, with offerings such as:




Become a Dashing Pirate, Conjure a Disney Villain


and Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Frankenweenie’ as Disneyland Resort Celebrates


Halloween Time 2012




Also Featured: Separate-ticket ‘Mickey’s Halloween Party’ Offers Trick-or-Treating In


Disneyland Park on 11 Special Nights




Disneyland Resort gets even spookier this year with the new Disney’s Halloween Time Carnival featuring “The Astounding Cauldron of Magic” at Big Thunder Ranch, plus new pirate makeovers at Pirates League and, at Disney California Adventure Park, “The Art of Frankenweenie” exhibition with a peek behind the scenes of Tim Burton’s new film.



The after-hours Mickey’s Halloween Party, which has become an annual highlight of Halloween Time for trick-or-treating families, takes place in Disneyland Park on 11 special Monday, Tuesday and Friday nights. This is a separate-ticket event* and tickets are available at




At Disney California Adventure Park




“The Art of Frankenweenie”, a special exhibition in Disney Animation, Hollywood Land, features some of the actual sets, props, and puppets used to create the “Frankenweenie” film, which opens in theaters Oct. 5. The exhibition explores the stop-motion animation process used to make the movie, from Tim Burton’s early character designs to finished shots, and offers visitors a fascinating demonstration of the film’s creation. “The Art of Frankenweenie”, which includes an extended sneak peek of the movie, will be on view in Disney California Adventure through November 5.



For spine-tingling fun, drop in at The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, where a “supernatural” event happened on Halloween evening, 1939, forever haunting the building.


At Disneyland Park




For Halloween Time 2012, Disney’s Halloween Time Carnival in Big Thunder Ranch takes its place beside such Disneyland favorites as the Haunted Mansion Holiday and Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy attractions.



A highlight of the Halloween Time Carnival may be found inside a mysterious sideshow tent where guests are invited to help conjure one of the Disney villains – Maleficent, Jafar, Cruella, Captain Hook, or the Evil Queen from “Snow White” – with a magic spell in “The Astounding Cauldron of Magic”. When the villain appears, guests may join him or her to pose for photos.




Elsewhere in Big Thunder Ranch, Billy Hill & The Hillbillies perform special Halloween-themed tunes as part of Big Thunder Ranch Halloween Jamboree. As in past years, visitors to Big Thunder Ranch also will find ranch animals, pumpkin carvers, Halloween décor, and activities for youngsters.



At Pirates League in New Orleans Square, guests age three and up can live their pirate dreams and learn the ways of the seven seas by choosing one of three pirate transformation options: Jake and the Never Land Pirates, First Mate and Empress (created especially for all the pirate princesses). Pirates League is at Disneyland for a limited time only this fall. For Pirates League reservations call 714-781-7895.




Halloween Time is an opportunity for favorite Disney characters to dress up in festive, fall costumes and welcome guests into a park specially decorated for the holiday. Halloween Time offers additional frightful fun for guests of all ages.




· Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy in Tomorrowland begins as a typical Space Mountain adventure, but suddenly launches voyagers into a haunted section of the universe. Ghosts appear out of the starry darkness and swirling galaxies of Space Mountain, reaching out as if to grab guests as they speed through space.




· Haunted Mansion Holiday, in New Orleans Square, is transformed to a mix of Halloween spookiness and Christmas tradition, inspired by the classic animated film “Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas”. As Jack Skellington returns to take over the Haunted Mansion, the traditional Halloween/Christmas gingerbread house rises to a new height in the Mansion Ballroom; it’s nine feet tall, with special spooky surprises in this year’s design.




· Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland is transformed for the Pumpkin Festival. More than 300 pumpkins will be on display and no two are the same.




The after-hours Mickey’s Halloween Party is offered as a separate-ticket event* on these nights: Sept. 28 and Oct. 2, 5, 9, 12, 15, 19, 23, 26, 29, and 31.




Mickey’s Halloween Party invites adults and children to dress up in costume and trick-or-treat – candy and healthy treats - at Disneyland. These party participants can also arrive before the party to “mix in” with regular Disneyland guests for three hours prior to the start of Mickey’s private bash.



Additional highlights of Mickey’s Halloween Party include the “Halloween Screams” fireworks spectacular, hosted by “Master of Scare-omonies” Jack Skellington and presented exclusively for guests of Mickey’s Halloween Party; “Mickey’s Costume Party” cavalcade; dozens of Disney Characters dressed up for Halloween fun; and DJ dance parties. Just for Halloween, those mischievous Disney villains are plotting to take over Town Square on Main Street, U.S.A. Nearly all of the favorite Disneyland rides and attractions will be open to make the night a real scream.




Tickets purchased in advance for Mickey’s Halloween Party are $54 most days, while tickets purchased on the event days are $64. All tickets to Mickey’s Halloween Party on Monday, Oct. 29, and Halloween Night, Wednesday, Oct. 31, are $69.



For more information about Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort, see This site will be updated with frightfully fun details.




Disneyland Resort features two fantastic theme parks – Disneyland (the original Disney theme park) and Disney California Adventure – plus the Downtown Disney District comprised of unique dining, entertainment, and shopping experiences. The resort’s three hotels are the luxurious 948-room Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, the magical 970-room Disneyland Hotel and the 481-room Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel with its day-at-the-beach fun.




Disneyland Resort in Anaheim is open daily year round and Halloween Time runs through October 31. For more information call 866-603-4763 or visit






Knott’s Halloween Haunt Turns 40!


Horror Masters Commemorate Milestone




World’s First, Largest, and Longest Running Halloween Event


Celebrates 40 Years of Fears




Knott’s Halloween Haunt continues to be the leader in theme park Halloween events, and the anniversary celebration promises to go where Knott’s Halloween Haunt has never gone before with the debut of an interactive maze, new characters and surprises around every corner, and promises to be killer with 13 mazes and ride through attractions, 9 live shows, and four scare zones.







This reservation only, interactive maze leads guests into an abyss of their deepest fears and phobias. You are part of the horror and an active participant in your own demise. Do you have the courage to enter a nightmare designed exclusively for you and face the challenge of finding an escape? Remember there are no doors in this nightmare. *Additional fee applies.




Trick or Treat


Trick or treat, which will it be? Step forward and ring the witch’s doorbell. Oh, she is home, but where? You are not quite sure. Don’t be afraid, her minions will guide you. I am sure that the tales of the many Hallows Eve victims are just that. You can come away with a treat, but is it worth it?



Dominion of the Dead


Welcome to the return of Dominion where creatures create art and music so beautiful the human mind cannot fully comprehend. Orroro Bella, the beautiful horror, is what you will find within the walls of this gallery. Lured by the undead, you descend deeper within the gallery as the chance to escape slips away. You shall be their next masterpiece.




Pinocchio Unstrung


Years have passed since the blue fairy denied him his final wish, but Pinocchio has returned with an army of murderous marionettes intent on killing his former masters. The purpose of his killing spree – human flesh to cover his twisted wooden body. Revenge comes with no strings attached.




Evil Dead


Based on the upcoming film, which is set for theatrical release April 2013, you and your friends ride through the woods to an isolated cabin where you discover the secrets of The Book of the Dead. A demonic force is unleashed possessing each until only one is left to fight for survival. Meet five friends to escape the terror that has possessed them and now threatens you to join the “Evil Dead”.





Returning mazes this year have all been enhanced for the 40th - Knott’s Berry Farm’s present to all their loyal Haunt fans.






In the deep recesses of the mind, on the clouded brink of insanity, lies the hellish wasteland of delirium; a place so gruesome that your imagination fails to comprehend the horrors. Illusion and paranoia are your only anchors to reality. Welcome to your worst nightmare! Anniversary present: The Pillar of Souls.



ENDGAMES: Warriors of the Apocalypse


The world as we know it has ended. The survivors in this barren desert have scavenged to rebuild society. The rich and the powerful have turned all others into slaves for sport. Enter the post-apocalyptic arena where gladiators are forced to battle to their deaths for entertainment. Are you game? Anniversary present: Expanded Arena.




Uncle Willy’s Slaughterhouse


Folks near and far come a-runnin’ for Farmer Willy’s world famous BBQ! Guests are welcome to venture through the Slaughterhouse where Uncle Willy will feed them full of BBQ, slather them with special sauce, tenderize them with his chainsaw, and grind them into a tasty treat. Bone appetite! Anniversary present: Guests can take a full tour of Uncle Willy’s kitchen, dining room and learn the secret ingredients in his BBQ sauce!



Fallout Shelter in 3D


Locked in a cement grave for decades, deep in the bowels of the lake, an abandoned government fallout shelter is crawling with human/animal genetic hybrids, toxic mutants, and nuclear freaks hungry for human carnage. Grab your Geiger Counters and put on your radiation suits, the residents are ravenous! Anniversary present: More toxic sludge than ever before!




Virus Z


Welcome to Pleasanton- Population: Zero. Virus Z has turned the entire town into hunger-crazed zombies and visitors are the preferred meal. Hordes of bloodthirsty corpses roam the small town in search of fresh meat. Anniversary present: A bloody “Carrie” finale based on the upcoming film, which is set for theatrical release March 2013.




Terror of London


Step back in time and into the fog-filled streets of London. The villains of the night are terrorizing the townsfolk! Step lively or you’ll fall victim to Jack the Ripper’s blade! Anniversary present: Death scenes more historically accurate!




Dia De Los Muertos


Venture into the forbidden jungle of El Chupacabra where sacrificial blood rains down from the sky. The screams of La Llorona, the Weeping Woman, echo around you and the creatures of the night crawl from their crypts – “Dia de los Muertos”, the “Day of the Dead” has arrived! Anniversary present: Watch your step through The Chamber of Snakes.




Uncle Bobo’s Big Top of the Bizarre in 3D


Step right up, don’t be shy Inside you will find a villainous variety of vaudevillian visages to vex even the most valiant voyeurs! It’s the greatest slaughter on earth with clown carnage galore! Anniversary present: 1/3 more red clown noses.






The backstreets of Ghost Town are shrouded in moonlight darkness and fearsome howls pierce the silence.




In a blur of crimson teeth, werewolves stalk the “Gypsy Camp” seeking revenge for an ancient gypsy curse. Will you be the canine’s next meal?




“Necropolis,” a vampire world of flesh and machine, of gears and steam offers a journey through the streets of a steam punk influenced city of the dead where blood is power.




There is no place quite like “Ghost Town”, home to a whole cast of night stalkers including the notorious Sliders who lurk in every fog-filled corner. Guests attempt to navigate the winding streets that may just lead to the graveyard!




Knott’s Boardwalk is taken over by “CarnEVIL”, where the freak show is the main event and clowns crave your undying attention.






A trip to Halloween Haunt would not be complete without the shows! See one, see them all – Knott’s entertainment offers so many twisted choices.




In the Ghoul Time Theatre Haunt favorite Ed Alonzo stars in “Ed Alonzo’s Fun House”. This self-proclaimed Misfit of Magic brings slight-of-hand, slight-of-mouth, and slight of mind to this insane, psycho-sensory production.




Mystery Lodge is the site of the new show, “Unearthed” a journey into Halloween Haunt’s dark past. The phantoms of yesterday rise up and join the current terror of Knott’s Scary Farm for a spirited show that reveals long buried secrets of Haunt.




At Necropolis Theatre guests can watch the ghoulishly great performance of Street Drum Corps “Blood Drums” show. This high-energy drumming quartet is known for their unique blend of amazing percussion skills.




Also in Necropolis, guests may venture upon a crazy inventor who has discovered ways to keep the insanity of the Vampyric Blood suckers alive, in “Mephisto’s Mechanical Mayhen”. Watch as he pedals and demonstrates his wares to unsuspecting mortals.




Knott’s Boardwalk Ballroom has been transformed into “Scott Land’s Tonga Tiki Terror” where the spirit of evil reigns as the terrifying Tiki unleashes its horrible Tonga terror.




In Knott’s historic Birdcage Theatre, “Zamora’s Sideshow of the Horrors” amazes audiences with his mind blowing, invasive, self-inflicted pain and torture.




The Gypsy Camp area presents “Cursed” featuring the magical and hypnotic powers of the beautiful Gypsy dancers.




Calico Square will not only be the location of the popular “Hanging®” but also a special Midnight Witching Hour, a homage to the classic hangings of Halloween Haunt past.




The Halloween Haunt at Knott’s Scary Farm is a special ticket event not covered by regular Knott’s Berry Farm admission or a Knott’s Season Pass. Ticket prices are $36 - $52 presale online and $60 day of event. Charge for “Trapped,” Knott’s first reservation-only, interactive maze is $60 per reservations with up to 6 guests per party and can be purchased online or onsite on the day of the event. Reservations are limited. Haunt tickets are available at Knott’s Guest Relations, can be purchased by phone at Knott’s Haunt Line (714) 220-5000 or online at (service charges apply).




Halloween Haunt is a scary event and definitely not recommended for children under 13. There are no guest costumes or re-entry privileges allowed for this event.




For the younger set, Snoopy’s Costume Party in Camp Snoopy is an alternative daytime non-scare celebration of Halloween cheer rather than fear offered weekends October 6-28, 10 am to 5 pm and is included with regular park admission. This special, family event includes a costume contest, a live show, kid-friendly mazes, storytelling, and of course, trick-or-treat stations. For more general event information on Halloween Haunt, call the Haunt Line at (714) 220-5200 or visit




Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park is open daily year round, and Halloween Haunt runs weekends through October 31. For more information call 714-220-5200 or visit, where you can also save time and money with Knott’s Print@Home tickets.






LEGOLAND® California Resort Announces


the Return of Brick-or-Treat Nights


LEGOLAND® California Resort is gearing up for the biggest kids’ Halloween celebration in San Diego, Brick-or –Treats Party Nights. Every Saturday night in October, the family theme park’s Brick-or-Treat Party Nights is filled with a variety of family activities including the interactive show “Mail Order Monsters,” Brick-or-Treat Trails and, of course, SEA LIFE® Carlsbad Aquarium gets into the Halloween spirit with its own Brick-or-Treat Trail Bonus station and special festive activities.


Every weekend, children 12 and under can trick-or-treat on the Brick-or-Treat Trail in the Enchanted Walk gathering goodies, tasty treats presented by Sam’s Club and other surprises. This kid-sized cul-de-sacs feature seven uniquely LEGO® -themed treat stations and offer a safe, fun and entertaining trick-or-treating experience for all to enjoy.

In addition, every Saturday in October from 5 to 9 p.m., the family theme park transforms into a not-too-spooky Halloween celebration. Brick-or-Treat Party Nights features costume contests, nighttime trick-or-treating on one of two Brick or Treat Trails, festive music, entertainment, interaction with the “Boo Crew”, the animated light show “Spirits of Halloween” after sundown and fireworks cap off the night at 9 p.m.


Several ghoulishly fun areas of LEGOLAND are open late for Party Nights, including Land of Adventure, Castle Hill, Imagination Zone and Park favorites: Coastersaurus, Safari Trek and Fairy Tale Brook. Children can enjoy activities like Hubble Bubble’s Dance Party, the Haunted Hideaways and a LEGOLAND pumpkin patch building activity with glow-in-the-dark treats for nighttime fun. As children “boo-gie” down during Party Nights, they will also love interacting with the “Boo Crew” including Silly Scarecrow, Howlin’ Howie, Jester Funny Bones, Count Brickula plus acts including magic shows, entertainment from the “Wichettes”, a splash artist creating paintings to music and tap dancing skeletons. New this year, kids can help build a giant LEGO Vampire model!

SEA LIFE Carlsbad Aquarium offers guests a bonus Brick-or-Treat station. Kids will receive treats and other aquarium surprises including a special themed daily dive show and daily creepie crawler appearances every Saturday and Sunday in October.

In the Halloween spirit, community sponsor Union Bank is donating 300 tickets to local Boys and Girls Clubs allowing members to visit this year’s Brick-or-Treat festivities during the first two weekends of the month-long celebration. All Brick-or-Treat and Party Nights festivities are included in the price of regular one-day admission to LEGOLAND California. During Brick-or-Treat, LEGOLAND is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturdays and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays. SEA LIFE is staying open until 8 p.m. on Saturdays for those wanting to explore the Aquarium after dark. For more information, visit

LEGOLAND® California Resort includes LEGOLAND® California, SEA LIFE® Carlsbad Aquarium and LEGOLAND Water Park, all geared for families with children between the ages of 2 and 12. LEGOLAND California features more than 60 rides, shows, and attractions including LEGO® Star Wars™ Miniland and the all-new Pirate Reef where guests board boats that drop down 25 feet between two battling pirate ships! SEA LIFE incorporates LEGO® models into a child’s voyage to the depths of the ocean and features play zones, fun facts, quiz trails, and the all-new Claws exhibit.



LEGOLAND California Resort in Carlsbad is open Thursday through Sunday every week through October 31, and Brick-or-Treat runs each weekend in October. For more information call 760-918-5346 or visit






SeaWorld San Diego presents


“SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular”




SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular features trick-or-treating among a sea-inspired atmosphere; fun and friendly Halloween-costumed characters along the pathways; “Clyde and Seamore’s Trick or Treat” sea lion and otter show; Sesame Street’s “Countdown to Halloween” show; “Pirates 4-D,” a hilarious adventure about a wacky pirate captain and his crew; and The Search for Captain Lucky’s Treasure, an island-themed outdoor adventure that leads visitors through various obstacles to Captain Lucky’s treasure.



Manta, featuring a double-launch coaster and 100,000-gallon aquarium with bat rays and other marine-life, is now open at SeaWorld!




Turtle Reef is an interactive attraction featuring a 300,000-gallon turtle aquarium, interactive game, touch-screen turtle map, and new ride.




SeaWorld’s new Shamu show “One Ocean”, features the park’s majestic killer whales as ambassadors of the sea, and the ocean as the center of our natural world.



“Blue Horizons” is a spectacular show featuring energetic bottlenose dolphins, magnificent pilot whales, a colorful array of exotic birds and amazing human performers. The 189-acre marine-life park features thousands of fascinating mammals, fishes, reptiles and birds including; a dozen species of sharks at the Shark Encounter; more than 300 penguins representing five species at the Penguin Encounter; and polar bears, beluga whales and walruses at Wild Arctic.




Other attractions include “Sea Lions LIVE,” a hilarious new sketch-based comedy show starring Clyde and Seamore; Sesame Street Bay of Play, a whimsical play area for kids with family-friendly rides, Sesame Street character meet-and-greets and photo opportunities; Journey To Atlantis, a wet and wild water coaster; “Pets Rule!” — a zany show where clever canines, curious cats and unpredictable pigs take charge and show humans who’s the boss; Shipwreck Rapids water raft ride; spectacular animal shows, interactive attractions, aquariums, rides and dining facilities.



SeaWorld San Diego in San Diego is open daily year round, and SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular runs weekends through October 31. For more information call 800-257-4268 or visit






Six Flags Magic Mountain Brings You


Thrills by Day, Fright by Night, with “Fright Fest”




New Mazes, Scare Zones, Shows, and Extended Park Hours




Six Flags Magic Mountain transforms from a “theme park” to a haunted “scream park” for the 20th season of Fright Fest Presented by SNICKERS®, Southern California’s most thrilling Halloween experience. This season marks one of the biggest and scariest Fright Fest events in the Park’s history with three new mazes, one new show, one new transformed area, and extended park hours Fridays through Sundays in October.



Six Flags Magic Mountain offers 12 days of terrifying haunted mazes, roaming zombies and spooky shows. If that’s not enough, Six Flags Magic Mountain will add a “twisted” element to some of their monster coasters by turning off the lights, leaving riders to face their fears literally in the dark. And, the Fright Fest exclusive that coaster fanatics wait for all year … the transformation of one of the largest, most celebrated coasters in the world, Colossus BACKWARDS! Beginning October 5 and running for four frightfully fun weekends, Fright Fest leaves no tombstone unturned to bring guests the ultimate sensory overload for every range of fear. For the little monsters, a Trick or Treat Trail and Halloween Crafts round out the activities.




Featuring a completely new interior, along with new terrifying twists and turns, Willoughby’s Resurrected is a reincarnation of the Willoughby family’s beloved haunted mansion that includes more hair-raising horror around each nightmarish-turn and down long harrowing hallways. Shrouded in the dark shadows of the nearby Willoughby’s mansion sits another new maze, Black Widow, ground zero for an ever-growing bloodthirsty army of spiders that hunt and haunt at night. Plus, nearby construction has cut the power in the area plunging the new BlackOut maze into total darkness where the panic of pounding hearts will be the only guide through the winding labyrinth.




Back for a second year, one of the largest and most popular mazes in Southern California is The Aftermath, where brave souls enter a post-apocalyptic city inhabited by nomad warriors who rule with bone-crushing iron fists and the dead stalk the living. Also returning are Chupacabra, where guests come face to face with this elusive blood-thirsty creature as it terrorizes the local Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festival; Cursed, featuring roaming gypsies and werewolves who hunt for fresh blood; Lecter’s Slaughterhouse, a family-run business specializing in tasty human treats; and Jokester’s Hideout 3D, an all black-light hideout where sideshow clowns run amuck.




A new area, Festival Fanta, located next to Apocalypse, features spirited DJ’s, rockin’ ghouls and a light display guaranteed to add a bit of fright to your night.




Spooktacular shows include hypnotist Suzy Haner, who puts park guests in compromising scenarios in her hilarious stage show located in Golden Bear Theater; the new Dr. Fright’s Happily Never After, a dark and sexy Halloween song and dance review; Off With Your Head, where Ghoul Rock has gone pop with a musical spectacular sure to entertain; and be sure to dust off your thriller moves and join in the fun as the popular DJ Demonic and gRAVE return for another year in DC UNIVERSE.



Now in its second season, the popular Fright Feast With The Willoughby’s moves to a new location, on top of the hill, next to the new Willoughby’s Resurrected maze. The dinner and show themed attraction features a new menu and new show, guaranteed to entertain the whole family.




For more information on Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest, visit our exclusive website at








Willoughby’s Resurrected


New horror awaits you at the Granddaddy of all Six Flags Magic Mountain mazes … now the beloved family has resurrected and renovated their eerie home with more hair-raising terror around each nightmarish turn and dreadful screams down the long harrowing hallways.


Black Widow


Tangled in a web of terror, even the dead struggle to survive the Black Widow’s nest. In the shadow of Willoughby’s mansion, it is permanently shrouded in darkness and the infestation has grown and is now ground zero for an ever-growing spider army that hunts at night.





Unexpectedly, the construction of an advanced transportation system has veiled the world into darkness. Now your mind must find your way as you wind around with no lights to guide you. Scream if you must and hold on to those you think you can trust.




The Aftermath


Enter a post-apocalyptic city where nomad warriors rule with bone-crushing iron fists and the dead stalk the living.




Come face to face with this elusive bloodthirsty creature as it terrorizes a local Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festival.





There is always a full moon over this cursed land where gypsies roam and werewolves hunt for blood.


Lecter’s Slaughterhouse


Step on these deadly docks and enter the world of the celebrity butcher taking wretched revenge on the bowels of society.




Jokester’s Hideout 3d


Sneak through an all black-light hideout and catch a 3D peek of the funny projects on which the Jokester and his crew are working. But watch your back…sideshow clowns run amuck!








Gypsy Hollow


Evil gypsies and werewolves own this territory and blood is their bounty.



The Wastelands


Barbarian humanoids rule this land and dare you to enter The Aftermath.




Nightmares – A Twisted Fantasy


This evil nightmare has never been so edgy as your favorite bedtime stories take on a new and twisted tale.




Hillbilly Massacre


A family of demonic, backwoods folk have been hunting for new exotic skins, human skin is most preferred.




City Under Siege


The insane and unruly run rampant in the streets of DC UNIVERSE. Prepare to feel really uncomfortable with these comic-like characters running amuck.




Exile Hill


Banished from mortality, this hillside taunts creatures haunting the grounds as caretakers of the Willoughby estate.






New! Festival Fanta


Dance to the rhythm of the night with spirited DJ’s, rockin’ ghouls and a light display guaranteed to add a bit of fright to your night.




X2: Area 19


Get launched on a high-speed, heart-pounding journey through an abandoned facility taken over by aliens.




Colossus—Backwards! (A Fright Fest Exclusive)


Experience one of the largest, most celebrated coasters in the world – backwards! That’s right, back by popular demand. Travel nearly one mile on this dual track wooden coaster all while sitting completely backwards!




Spinning Thumper Bumpers


Pulsating sounds rock the craziest bumper cars into a totally new and extreme driving experience.




Terror Tracks - Rides In The Dark!


Face your fears with the lights off! Your favorite thrills in the dark on Apocalypse, Tatsu, Viper, THE RIDDLER’s Revenge, BATMAN The Ride, and Goliath. Something so “twisted” would only happen during Fright Fest.




Meet Rip Morgue


Document your Six Flags Fright Fest memories with a photo of our Willoughby’s chauffer, RIP, and his “wheels”.







New! Dr. Fright’s Happily Never After


A dark and sexy Halloween song and dance review.




Off With Your Head


A Pop/Glam Rock musical spectacular with the music of Bon Jovi, Rihanna, Michael Jackson and more.




High Sierra Hypnotist


This amusing show stars the members of the audience. Guests who are chosen to be put “under hypnosis” will perform hysterical exploits never to be imitated “under consciousness”.






Dance, trance, resurrection! This is the gRave everyone is dying for.








Fright Feast With The Willoughby’s


Enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet in the company of creepy creatures from the NEW Willoughby’s Resurrected maze.








Witch Hazel’s Pumpkin Patch Crafts


Crafted especially for our younger guests to stretch their imaginations.




A Looney Tunes Trick Or Treat Adventure


Kids (under 48”) and parents walk with Looney Tunes friends through Bugs Bunny World where they will find tantalizing treats along the way.




Looney Tunes Characters


Grab your camera and meet your favorite Looney Tunes characters in their Halloween costumes.




Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia is open weekends through the end of October, and Fright Fest runs every weekend through October 31. For more information call 661-255-4100 or visit






Universal Studios Hollywood Presents


Halloween Horror Nights




Southern California’s Premier Halloween Event




This year’s “Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood brings together the sickest minds in horror to immerse guests in the living, breathing, three-dimensional world of the most notorious and terrifying creatures. Featuring a slate of unrivaled film production quality mazes, terror-filled Scare Zones and a fully re-imagined “Terror Tram” experience, uniquely themed to today’s most definitive horror properties, “Halloween Horror Nights” will taunt, terrorize, and torment guests for 19 nights with spellbinding and spine-chilling haunted attractions during Southern California’s definitive Halloween event.



Adding to the event’s intrigue, Universal’s most popular rides and attractions will also be open to guests, including the new critically-acclaimed mega-attraction, “Transformers TM: The Ride—3D,” “Jurassic Park® In the Dark,” “The Simpsons RideTM” and “Revenge of the MummySM – The Ride.”




For more information and to purchase tickets, including options for Front of Line tickets that enables priority access at each maze and theme park attraction, and special Killer Deal Nights tickets to save up to $25, guests can visit,. Advance purchase is recommended as event nights will sell out.




Details on “Halloween Horror Nights” are available at Halloween Horror Nights, on Facebook at: “Halloween Horror Nights – Hollywood” and on Instagram @HorrorNightsHollywood or #UniversalHHN. Updates from “Halloween Horror Nights’’ Creative Director John Murdy can be found on Twitter at:, as he reveals a running chronicle of exclusive information. “ Halloween Horror Nights” maze announcement videos can be seen at Universal Studios Hollywood’s YouTube Channel.







The Walking Dead: Dead Inside


A post-apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by predatory flesh-eating zombies or “walkers” sets the stage for “The Walking Dead: Dead Inside,” an all-new multi-sensory maze based on the TV series. A virtual three-dimensional journey into the television series, “The Walking Dead: Dead inside,” has guests literally walking in the doomed footsteps of the tormented humans left to roam Atlanta’s devastated suburban countryside as they battle a horde of predatory zombie “walkers” who have awakened from the dead to feast on the living. Eerily authentic, the maze features elaborately designed and disturbingly real “walkers” and sets cast from the molds and designs used to create the series.




Terror Tram: Invaded by The Walking Dead


Unleashes hordes of flesh-eating and blood-drooling “walkers” on Universal’s world-famous backlot, exposing guests to a legion of plagued zombies in the aftermath of the disease’s cataclysmic spread to the West Coast. The world of television fantasy collides with grim reality when “Terror Tram: Invaded by The Walking Dead” pits guests face-to-face with a swarm of living corpses doomed to stalk Universal Studio’s famed backlot—-the heart of the world’s original horror moviemaking studio. A marquee attraction unique to Universal Studios Hollywood, the “Terror Tram” combines a ride aboard Universal’s signature trams with a terrifying walk-through experience through world-famous movie sets including Steven Spielberg’s “War of the Worlds” and the infamous Bates Motel and Psycho House from Alfred Hitchcock’s signature film.



Welcome to Silent Hill


The demented multiverse of the popular horror video game and motion picture franchise, “Silent Hill”, comes to life in this new “Halloween Horror Nights” maze, designed to torment guests with horrifying creatures borne from an alternate dimension. The dark and twisted maze, a fusion of the “Silent Hill” video game, the 2006 film and its highly-anticipated sequel, “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D,” lures guests into the town’s once rural mining community, now ash-laden following the aftermath of a devastating industrial fire, and beckons guests into its eerily desolate town, inhabited by “The Order,” a fanatical religious cult bent on terrorizing existing inhabitants with barbarous acts of ritual violence. Guests are recruited into the hell that is Silent Hill, where they traverse the environs of the town’s dual dimensions of “Fog World” and “Other World,” and fluctuate between a universe shrouded in dark, dense fog and that of a place cloaked in rust, decay, blood and flesh.




Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D


Multi-platinum recording artist Alice Cooper, a mastermind of the rock horror genre, conjures up his peculiar vision of disturbing horror imagery when he makes for an encore performance at Universal Studios Hollywood in a new maze, inspired by the musician’s classic concept album centered on unending darkness, relentless torment, and unimaginable horrors. The terrifying experience beckons guests to teeter at Hell’s interminable inferno as imagined through the eyes of this hard rock visionary. To maximize this daunting new maze, guests don 3D glasses for an optimum up-close and personal three-dimensional encounter with Alice Cooper’s underworld. This original, one-of-a-kind maze features trademark elements from Alice Cooper’s celebrated stage performances including guillotine decapitations and electric chairs and is fueled by an infernal soundtrack culled from Alice Cooper’s six-decade, Hall of Fame career. Paired with the concept of the Seven Deadly Sins, the maze spirals guests through Alice’s vortex of hades where they encounter a series of sin all under the influence of music.




The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Saw is the Law


The tragic and demented account of Leatherface and his deranged family of cannibals set the stage for this year’s new maze, based on the unsettling 1974 horror film classic. The chilling new maze mirrors the original American horror film classic, hailed among the most influential horror movies in cinematic history, and recount the story of five friends who unsuspectingly fall victim to the ghastly terrors and torment of a depraved and cannibalistic Texas clan. Those who dare to step into the inner workings of a slaughterhouse maze are gripped with vivid telltale signs of imminent doom. Gruesome and blood-soaked scenes from the controversial movie terrorize guests, rendering them defenseless when their senses are overcome with nightmarish images flashed from the movie’s most memorable scenes: mutilated bodies dangling from bloody meat hooks; putrid odors of decomposed corpses and human remains, and animal pelts suspended from the ceiling, as they try to escape from the unmistakable sound of roaring chainsaws revving to life.




La Llorona: Cazadora de Niños (Weeping Woman: The Child Hunter)


La Llorona, the fearful story of melancholy and murder that has terrified Mexican and Latin American children for generations, returns to Halloween Horror Nights, recounting the tortured tale of a mother who drowns her children in a desperate attempt to win a lost love. When her attempt fails, she drowns herself and is doomed to wander the earth forever after. According to the legend, La Llorona’s eternally piercing nocturnal cries—“My children! Where are my children?”—can be heard as her frail, drenched body lurks throughout the dead of night. Her unsightly presence elicits unwavering dread from the helpless village inhabitants or maze guests as it woefully signifies impending death.




Universal Monsters Remix


Set within the antechambers of an eerily gothic castle, the new maze unleashes a cast of movies’ most legendary creatures, including Frankenstein’s Monster and his Bride, Dracula and his Brides, Phantom of the Opera and The Wolf Man. From deep within the stone fortress, accompanied by ominous strobe lighting effects, guests traverse dark and dank arteries of rotting catacombs, hallowed underground crypts, and pagan sacrificial burial chambers. Laced with the murmur of dialogue from Universal’s catalogue of horror films, guests are besieged by the relentless sounds of high-energy, horror-inspired dance, dub-step, and industrial music.









Silent Hill


The most depraved small town residents mercilessly torment anyone who treks into the “Silent Hill” Scare Zone corridor. While the infamous Bogeyman seeks revenge, a group of hideously disfigured Nurses prepare to scar – physically and emotionally – unsuspecting victims that step into their path. There is no way of escaping the plight of his “Silent Hill” Scare Zone when Pyramid Head, the ruthless executioner of the “Other World” stabs aimlessly in the dark for a target in the dead of night.




Desperate times have taken a pathetic toll on the once friendly neighborhood Toy Maker. A deceitful storefront façade beckons entry to “Toyz”, a seemingly blissful playland that juxtaposes the inner terror plaguing the shop where cruel and unspeakable horrors await.






A coven of “Witches” burned at the stake to purge a local seaport village of their pagan influence has left this clan of black art sorcerers hell-bent on revenge. Hunted and killed like wild animals, the Witches” swore eternal vengeance on their blood-thirsty killers and return on autumn nights to exorcise justice on those in their midst by burning the living.




Killer Klownz


The circus may have come to town, but it is the “Killer Klownz” that are running the show in this gang-filled Scare Zone of violent killer clowns whose three ring circus entertains to the applause of murder and mayhem.







Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure


Party on as these two most excellent dudes return to skewer some of the biggest names in Hollywood. With astonishing topics torn from the pages of today’s most salacious tabloids and acid-tongue bloggers, the kings of comedic satire spin pop culture and celebrity public blunders into riotous laughter. Bill and Ted, never without their most excellent time-traveling phone booth, add hilarity to the already ridiculous for sublime parody performances in the return of the very popular “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure”.




Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City is open daily year round, and Halloween Horror Nights runs weekends through October 31. For more information call 800-864-8377 or visit




So go out there and have a hauntingly good time – at a theme park of course! Happy Halloween!!